Say goodbye to the watershed in the past, and the achievements of Resident Evil 4 are difficult to replicate

In recent years, the topic about the classic and time-honored series of “Resident Evil” has been more and more. In the past two decades, the “Resident Evil” series has been maintained in various forms, styles and themes. With the update, only one year of absence in 2018 brought players with the annual game qualification “Resident Evil 2 Remake”, it can be said that this series can be said to be one of the firm’s stable and well-known golden signs.4

If you want to discuss which works in the entire series are the most classic and deeply rooted, I believe different players will give different answers, but if you say which one is the highest rated work in the entire series, then it is called “series watershed “Resident Evil 4” is definitely the best choice. “Biochemical 4” is not only rated the highest in the series, but its sales are also very good. In contrast, this work is also the most reprinted work in the entire series, and this is also the most criticized by players, but the achievements of “Biochemical 4” is far more than the entire series is only the highest rating.

Take the pot
Players who are familiar with Capcom should not be unfamiliar with their other game, the Devil May Cry series. In fact, the birth of this work is also deeply rooted in the Resident Evil series. At that time, Capcom had two simultaneous series of projects. One was the orthodox sequel of the series, Biochemical 4, and the other was the extravagant Biochemical Crisis 3.5. The first version of Biochemical 4 was One of the most trusted subordinates of Shinji Mikami, the founder of the series, is in charge of planning, but because his personal ideal design is too strong, the “Biochemical 4” produced by Kamiya has completely lost the style of the “Biochemical” series. However, because of its novelty and high degree of conceptual completion, this work was able to abandon the title of “Biochemical” as a self-supporting portal. This was the later original “Devil May Cry”, and “Biochemical 3.5”, a derivative, was So he got the important task of replacing ZhengZuo.

Mikami Shinji

The birth of this derivative can be traced back to 2001, and there are only some intermittent trailers that can be found in this work. Due to the strong Gothic style in Biochemical 4 originally led by Hideki Kamiya, As a derivative, “Biochemical 3.5” puts the stage of the game in a European-style castle estate, the main character is the popular character Lyon S. Kennedy who has appeared in the second generation. For some reason, Lyon went to the castle alone to investigate. During the period, the protagonist had hallucinations due to the virus. In the hallucinations, Lyon needed to fight against all kinds of supernatural-style enemies. In simple terms, The game itself provides a reasonable explanation for each encounter. The protagonist cannot temporarily leave the current room during the confrontation with the enemy. This design is similar to the combat seal of the “Devil May Cry” series.

Early game demo

It is worth mentioning that “Biochemical 34” at this time is still the same fixed perspective as the previous one, but it will be adjusted slightly according to the position of the protagonist in the scene. This design was later in “Devil May Cry” It is also used in the series, and because this game uses full 3D graphics for production, it will become an over-the-shoulder perspective under the state of raising a gun and shooting, thus making the battle in the game deeper and also able to attack the enemy ’s Different parts to cause different damage effects. In any case, the introduction of supernatural enemies and real enemies in the “Resident Evil” series looks very similar to the “Silent Hill” series of friends and merchants, and also loses the style of the “Biochemical” series. After learning about the reactions of the players, Mikami naturally couldn’t ignore it. He immediately decided to overthrow the current script and system of “Biochemical 4” and redesigned the game system and script himself.

Fight against ghosts in hallucinations

In fact, as the founder of the series, Mikami Shinji left the series after he was responsible for the production of the first generation works, so that he was rarely involved in the development of the next few works, but watching “Biochemical 4” compared with the previous work It has only been improved on the screen, and other aspects are basically consistent with the previous work. He even wants to introduce supernatural elements. At this time, if he does not show up again, this series may be completely chaotic. From the perspective of Sanshang, the current series is in urgent need of change. It will definitely look outdated on the new generation of consoles with the previous one. He does not want to limit the work to the structure of “zombies and viruses”, so the new work is changed to “parasites.” “Concept and designed a set of self-consistent concepts for this parasite. Most of the original game materials can be reused, such as character modeling, maps of various scenes, and three of them are particularly concerned about the newly added off-shoulder perspective. In order to make the design more mature, simply use the off-shoulder perspective.

The beginning of the story

It’s just a change in the perspective of the game that causes the entire style of the game to no longer look like an action adventure game, but more like an action shooting game. It is precisely this that the development team decided to make the shooting part significantly Enhancement, adding more weapon styles to the protagonist, and even adding physical skills and prop merchant settings. The inventory with limited space still exists, but it has changed from the original fixed number of cells into a “custom box (similar to Diablo)” with a completely customizable layout. Due to the change of perspective and the strengthening of the action system, the freedom of the game and the sense of three-dimensional space are improved compared to previous works, and the design of puzzles and organs can also be more useful. In summary, the reworked “Biochemical 4” also deviates from the series style, but is more in line with the standards of the new era in all aspects, and appears more mature and comprehensive, instead of being clumsy as before.

Facing shielded enemies, you need to hit the uncovered part or drop the grenade directly.

The new “Biochemical 4” has a much smoother overall experience than before. It can attack different parts in the battle to form different fighting methods. It can directly headshot the enemy, and can also attack the leg to make the enemy fall to the ground. And use a knife to kill to save ammunition. The enemies’ complexity of the game will continue to complicate with the progress of the progress, and at the end of each level, there will be a boss battle with an explosion of visual effects, making the rhythm of the entire game very tight, although there are few elements of horror left , But still can form a sense of oppression for players through intense battles, and also allow players to wipe their sweat after each battle. The over-the-shoulder perspective of “Biochemical 4” also appeared for the first time in the entire game history. Most previous shooting games liked to look forward from the back of the character. Since “Biochemical 4”, the over-shoulder perspective has become a TPS game. Mainstream design.

Huge Boss-class enemy

“Biochemical 4” is undoubtedly an epoch-making work in a comprehensive way. Whether it is the level, the plot or the game system, it is designed very comprehensively. It is a very good game, so the average player and the media can praise it. It is a matter of reason, and in view of the excellent quality of this work, the subsequent “Biochemical” series have basically been updated according to this approach, and the first three works are collectively referred to as “old biochemical”. “Biochemical 4” is excellent, but it is difficult for fans to call it “Resident Evil”. The “survival horror” element of its soul is weakened in this work, and there is no sense of “crisis” in the previous work. “In particular, the major changes in the subject matter have also caused dissatisfaction among many old players.

“Biochemical 4” was born in controversy. Old players can not understand why such a game can get such a high rating. Obviously they prefer to play zombies, but it is undeniable that “Biochemical 4” In terms of comprehensive performance, few subsequent works can surpass it. Many people say that the second generation of “Old Biochemical” is the pinnacle of the series, but if we look at it from the current perspective, obviously not many people are willing to try again. Instead, “Biochemical 2 Remake”, which is more in line with the trend of the times, is even more Popular. Facts have proved that it is necessary to cater for the changes of the times, but the focus is on how to change without losing the good souls of the past. Only by grasping this point can you truly make outstanding masterpieces.


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